Infertility Counseling

Trauma - Informed Infertility Counseling

You wake up in the morning and it feels incredibly heavy to have spent the few years trying to remain hopeful - and it's still not here. Disappointment after disappointment. You've eaten all the things, taken the nutritional supplements, and pregnancy is just not happening. It's been expensive. And the guilt of not being able to celebrate your best friend's news is eating at you. It's just too darn hard, and if only the problem is fixed, everything would be fine. Or would it?

In my experience, trauma healing and infertility counseling share many similarities. When we receive a diagnosis or face repeated negative pregnancy tests, it can be really tough. It's like stepping into a grief cycle, where we start to focus not just on what we lack, like the baby or the family we envisioned, but also on the difficulty of achieving those things that others seem to find easier. It becomes a process of coping with loss and the challenges that come with it.

Through counseling, you can set achievable goals for healing and coping. We will work collaboratively to create a roadmap for your journey, empowering you to take proactive steps toward your desired outcomes. Imagine finally feeling more clarity in decisions, closure, passing through the grief stages.

This doesn't have to be lonely and devastating road anymore. We get to work through how frustrating it's been, get to laugh, feel. You start to see your marriage improve, you see yourself improve. One day you realize you went out to lunch with a friend and it didn't feel draining. You start feeling like you have you're old life back even while you're still going fertility treatments or still dealing with unknowns.

I know what it's like to be in the heart and mind to struggle with infertility, and when treatments don't pan out. I have the tools to work through it, such as DBT and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy which will help you get relief.

How can I help through infertility counseling?

- Address the grief cycle directly so it no longer drags out
- Get in tune with what feelings and emotions you're feeling surrounding this journey
- Get clarity around where you at and decisions you have to make
- Improve communication with yourself, your partner, your friends
- Stand up for what you need and express freely
- Baby triggers start feeling lighter and easier
- And so, so much more

Want to find relief around the burden of infertility for you or in your relationship? Let's talk.

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