Expert in helping you heal from a painful childhood, stress and anxiety, codependency and processing loss/grief.
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Michelle Kostic, LPCC
Mental Health Counselor

You just landed on my website and wondering, can I be a good fit for you and am I going to be able to help you out? Let's see if my specialties fit your needs:

Trauma Therapy
Are you feeling haunted by painful memories that leave you on edge and tense, affecting your relationships and self-esteem?

Are you sick and tired of being taken advantage of? Stuck in a job you dislike? Relationship that doesn't feel right? You wonder how to FIX things but just don't quite ever get the relief or break you're yearning for? 

Fertility Challenges
Is the family you envisioned not shaping up as expected?

Numbing with wine and ice cream might offer temporary relief, but there are long-lasting ways to find lasting solutions to your struggles. Through our work together, you can gain clarity, feel lighter, and become more confident in your decisions.

"Michelle has a way of asking questions to provide opportunities for introspection of different angles that I never would have considered otherwise. She has specialized in trauma work for years and demonstrates exceptional patience while helping me work through challenging obstacles in my dating life. Being able to have hope for the future is invaluable. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough as I have witnessed first hand the difference she is able to make." - K. from Colorado

"Working with Michelle has been eye-opening and so fulfilling. I've tried therapy with others before, but something about Michelle's gentle yet impactful style really clicked with me. I didn't realize how much guidance I needed until I started seeing her, and she's got this way of addressing sensitive areas in a way that doesn't make me feel uncomfortable – it's like she just knows how to make it easier to handle and shows so much understanding." - P. from Colorado

"When I was working with Michelle on my past trauma stuff, I also got hit with a health diagnosis. Michelle was quick to adapt and our focus shifted to handling day-to-day challenges, and I really appreciated that. She molded her approach to fit exactly what I needed, and her understanding and support meant a lot to me as we navigated through it all." - Privately Disclosed

"I recently had a session with Michelle. Prior to the session, I was jaded and fed up with my job search. After speaking with her, I am energized and can’t wait to see my career goals unfold before me. What I appreciate the most about her approach is that she helped me understand that my passions and interests are valuable assets that can be leveraged in the workforce. She worked with me to develop a plan that allowed me to use my passions to my advantage. I am so grateful for the time and energy that Michelle invested in helping me identify and pursue my passions. I would highly recommend her career coaching services to anyone who is looking to build a career that aligns with their personal interests and values." - Privately Disclosed
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My Specialties

One disappointment after the other? I get it. I've gone through my share of difficulty with fertility treatments, so I know what it's like. It might be tough to have a baby, or you might be going through special treatments to help with that. When life throws lemons, we make lemonade by coping with what IS through tools to help you get through these tough times to help you feel at ease, and feel stronger against all adversity that comes with the process.
It's not fun to have the past haunting you when you're doing everything possible to move forward. I too reached a point where it all caught up too fast. How do you even "let it go". It's in the past, or is it?

Well, imagine having the struggle finally melt away. I have a technique that specifically addresses complex trauma so you finally find the relief you're looking for.

Learn more about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy here.
Are you struggling with codependency at work, with your family, or in a relationship? Find it challenging to establish healthy boundaries, maintain fulfilling relationships, or prioritize your own well-being?

In our work, we will move you away from the cycle of people-pleasing, increase your self-esteem, and find ease asserting your needs.
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A little about me

I'm Michelle and it's really nice to meet you! 

My therapy style is a unique blend of being down to earth, honest, and hopeful. I have a calm and easy-going presence and all about your healing journey, diving into specialties to get you those results you desire. But hey, I'm human too, and I like to keep it real with you. I'm not afraid to gently nudge you when change is necessary.

You might hear my 90 lbs dog snoring in the background during our sessions – he's my furry sidekick!

If you'relooking for a therapist who is deep, insightful, and brings their whole self into the process, that's me! Let's embark on this healing journey together and create positive change in your life.

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6200 S Syracuse Way Suite 260, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

I mostly offer telehealth video sessions over zoom, but office space is available upon request.

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